Shane Long Zhong


Sharing Watch

Figure 01

Sharing Watch (Figure 01) is designed by a Korean design studio known as Maezm. The product makers claim that the numerical board is turned by 90 degrees so that the product is more useful to both the user and those around them. This minor alteration in design allows the user to interact with those around them within the context of sharing time (Sharing Watch, 2009). In addition, it can be said that ‘Maezm displays the time in such a way that it is read in the same way to you as it can be read by others’ (Design Boom, 2009). On a visceral level, the design itself attracts users’ attention based on the slight change in dial design. Moreover, the behavioural design is also effective as the change to the dial does not affect the readability for the owner of the watch. On a reflective level, ‘the simple act of turning the numeric face 90 degrees reconsiders the ritual behaviour of sharing time’ (Design Boom, 2009). The ritual attached to the watch trigger users’ reflection on the subtle relationship between the individual and others, the humane care and the social need in humanity.

Shane Zhong